Swan Conservation Trust

Established in 1992, to preserve, protect and restore native hardwood forests and scenic natural areas, biodiversity, wildlife habitat, and water quality on the Western Highland Rim of Tennessee.

Tennessee's Western Highland Rim

We accomplish our mission by purchasing and owning significant tracts, cooperatively managing land with other agencies or landowners, and holding conservation easements.

Big Swan Headwaters Preserve

The area now known as the Big Swan Headwaters Preserve has long been recognized for its numerous springs, streams and waterfalls. It was created in 2004 and now encompasses over 1400 acres.

See you on the trail!

We invite you to join us as we seek out unique ecosystems, rare plants, and surround ourselves with the beauty of nature, including guided hikes on Big Swan Headwaters Preserve. 

Support our work.

Make a contribution to secure the land of Big Swan Headwaters Preserve! Be a part of our 2015 Matching Grant Campaign!

Contribute to Our 2015 Matching Grant!

This person has agreed to match every single dollar we collect in 2015! That’s right. Every dollar you donate is actually doubled in value. This is huge! Bottom line: If we can raise $35,000 in 2015, it turns into $70,000 and pays off the note.

2015 Calendar

Swan Trust hosts hikes and outings throughout the year, visiting scenic and unique ecosystems in our region, the Western Highland Rim of Tennessee.

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