Bequests or Planned Gifts are a way for individuals to see that their ideals are enhanced and continue on beyond their passing.

Bob Brown

Bob Brown

When used to create an endowment, the bequest insures that important work can continue and affect generations into the future.

Bequests often allow people to make a larger gift through the liquidation of their estate.

Bequests are also exempt from inheritance and capital gains tax, providing another incentive to the person seeking to use their assets for the maximum benefit.

Bequest from Bob Brown, conservationist
Swan Trust would like to convey sincere appreciation to Bob Brown for including our organization in his final gifts. We are honored to be a part of his legacy.

Bob Brown was an ardent conservationist known throughout the state for his gentle charm and extensive knowledge of the diverse plant life of Tennessee. Bob was a frequent participant on Swan trust hikes and made several trips on his own to explore Big Swan Headwaters Preserve.

Frequently accompanied by his faithful four-legged companion Trouble, Bob generously shared his expertise and enthusiasm for Tennessee’s flora and fauna with all around him. He is deeply missed.

Even with his passing in June of this year, Bob continues to demonstrate his positive influence in our world by leaving his entire estate to a select group of nonprofit organizations, including Swan Conservation Trust. This gift will be used to establish the Robert D. Brown Endowment.

Endowments are funds that remain untouched, generating interest and establishing income in perpetuity. This residual income can be used by an organization for expenses such as property taxes or for hiring staff to oversee annual programs. The creation of an endowment is an important cornerstone in the foundation of any nonprofit organization, and Swan Trust is proud to take this important step forward made possible by Bob Brown.

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