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Julian Thomas Stevenson

Julian Thomas Stevenson

We started the concept of making donations in someone’s name for memorials as a tribute to Julian Thomas Stevenson, grandson of Swan Trust board member Douglas Stevenson, who passed away in 2003, with many of Julian’s family and friends joining in to create a fund in his name.

Since then many other people have followed suit, sending donations in the name of a loved one, and we have come to better realize how the memorial works as such a wonderful way to preserve the memory of someone who has passed on.

Their name is kept alive in the presence of something profound, a gift for all of us, the beauty of nature for generations beyond to enjoy.

Click here to donate to the Bill Pulliam Memorial Fund

Whenever possible, our memorials honor each person remembered on our web site with their picture along with statements by family and friends.

Ultimately we would like to create a permanentt outdoor display as the gateway to the Swan Headwaters Preserve.

To participate in our memorial program, simply make a donation with a note specifying the person to be remembered.

Please supply a photo along with biographical information or statements that you would like included in our newsletter or on our web site.


John Anderson
by William and Judy Meeker, Tracy Freidman Stein, Mary Lane Meryman, Alpine Urology, P.C., Dennis Tuite, Karen Swehla, Charlotte Meryman, Steven Wasserman, Gurudarshan Khalsa, Mindy and Barry Douglas, Robert and Joanne Thoman, Anne Shaw, James and Trudi Diffendaffer, Laure Grinnell, Arunima Orr

Dorothy Bates
by Albert, Gretchen, Will & Cynthia Bates, and Kathy Chow

Craig Blaker
by Debra Blaker, Dan, Amanda & Riley Blaker

Annie Boyer
by Marilyn Harris

Caran Breckenridge
by Kenneth Breckenridge

Stuart Butler
by Susan Wallace and Juanita Butler

Bradley Butters
by Deb Butters

Joe Cannon
by CR Cheny and Bill Cannon

Michael Copeland
by Jean Dordeck

Patti Davidson
by David and Suree Brown

Arlene Davis
by Christine West. Alicia Gallagher, Susanna Frohman, Edward Davis Jr., Lisa Davis, David & Tracy Crouthamel. Edine Davis

Jerry De Capp
by Chris Roman

Thomas Dixon
by Michael Lee & Joan Thomas, William and JoAnn Santana, and Kathy Chow

Herbert W. Edwards
by Nancy Edwards

Karen Flaherty
by David & Marilyn Friedlander, Lyn Burklow, Don & Carol Nelson, and Kathy Chow

Kopi Ford
by Rachel Ford-Perez

Anita Franklin
by Kieth Carson

Marilyn Friedlander
by Steven and Judith Wasserman, Beth Lloyd, Susan Herring, Joel & Roberta Kachinsky, David Friedlander

Deena Sue Fuller
by Dr. Tilden Curry

Michael Gavin
by Betsy Keller

Bob Glass
by Sandy Merrion

Anne Gleser
by Gary & Claudia Platt

Lilian Graf
by Alan Graf

Strider Hammer
by Mary Hmilton

Karen Heikkala
by Harvey and Jean Dordek, Thomas Heikkala and Steven Wasserman

Kathryn Hutchens
By Steven & Cynthia Rohrbach, Don & Carol Nelson, and Kathy Chow

Carol Feeney & Dawn Huddleston
by Roland Huddleston

Wayne Humphrey
by Kima and Ellen Humphrey

Christopher Hutchins
by Don Robinson

Michael Kercheval
by Lynn Flowers

Joseph Kim Kelly
by Ellen Kelly

Barbara Butler Lee
by Harvey Baker & Dorie Baker, Marion Butler, Mary Baldwin, Jane & Ian Campbell, & Louise Morris

Arnold Luce and Marjory Luce
by David and Margaret Luce

Richard Liberman
by Deborah and Mark Schuman

Barbara MacQueen
by Alan MacQueen & Family

Claire Marx
by Roberta and Joel Kachinsky and family

Margaret Mayes
by Donald & Carol Nelson, Sally Nelson

Ned McWherter
by David Friedlander

Robert Moore
by Michael Tassone, Kathy Hanson, Silas and Mary Holsinger and family, John Correa, Jennifer Palumbo, and James Moore, Steve Selch, Kein and Susan Jata, Susan Wallace. Mary Hamilton, David Baker and Karen Fletcher

Eli Moran
by Jennifer Taylor Burton, Denise Couinson (Moran)

Thomas Nash
by Mary Nash

Ann Nitzburg
by Laure Grinnell

Nicholas Noviello and Helen Weisz
by Phyllis Noviello

Charlie Petty, M.D.
by Clark & Mike Petty

Charles Poag
by Anna Poag

Cyril Psenki
by Vince & Jean White

Gary Rhine
by David & Marilyn Friedlander, Anita Whipple and Pete Schweitzer

Jed Shapiro
Gary & Maple Canner, Don & Carol Nelson, & Howard & Susan Shapiro, Rita Gates

Lizzie Sierra
by Janet Sierra and Daniel McIntyre, and Kathy Chow

Stephen Skinner
by Susan Skinner, David Friedlander, Douglas Stevenson and Deborah Flowers

Michael Smith
by Paula Denton

Betty Stevenson
by Douglas Stevenson and Deborah Flowers, Bernard “Steve” Stevenson, Jeff and Jean Stevenson and Bill and Kimberly French

Hope Tidwell
by Jimmy & Linda Tidwel

Julian Thomas Stevenson Memorial Fund
by Douglas Stevenson & Deborah Flowers, Chris Thomas & Leah Stevenson, Kathy Hansen, Pat McCarthy, Clay & Lulie Flowers, Betty Stevenson, Bernard Stevenson, Lynn Flowers, Bill & Kim French, Jeff Stevenson, Alan Graf and Eleanor Ingram, Sharon Clark, Thomas & Lisa Wartinger

Thomas Wartinger
by Lisa Wartinger, Don & Carol Nelson

Linda Watson
by Susan Herring

Bob Whipple
by Anita Whipple and Pete Schweitzer

Ellen White
by Ben & Jean Rohrbach, Cynthia & Steve Rhorbach

Bees and Whipporwills
by Javier “Igy” McAdams

My beloved “Boston” Penelope
by Ramona Hupp

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